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Refresh every corner of your Oahu home’s fabrics!

Walking barefoot around your own home should not be abandoned after reaching kindergarten. If you are among the thousands of Kailua residents who love to feel the soft, fuzzy texture of a high-quality carpet beneath your toes, then you should guard that privilege jealously.

A well-made and deeply-loved carpet can instantly add a degree of sophistication to any stone-cold or tiled surface. However, carpet floors will only remain pleasant if clean and maintained.

Is it time to call professional carpet cleaners?

Take a good look at your home or office and its floors. Do you notice any of the following?

  • Damp, dark sections
  • Flattened squares beneath your furniture
  • Moist or moldy smells
  • The undeniable traces of a pet
  • Your 3-year-old’s attempt at floor décor

Any of these factors detract from your chosen décor and make even a Fortune 500 Office seem dirty or unkempt. You could spend several tens of thousands of dollars remodeling everything – or you can call the expert team at Carpet Cleaning Kailua. Your call!

Services Offered: Learn what Carpet Cleaning Kailua Can Do for Your Home

Our specialty may be carpet cleaning, but the results of our work are usually visible the second you enter a room. After spending over 5 years building our business, we have expanded our services in order to offer visible improvements to any room.

We are not in the business of offering expensive vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning includes:

Carpet Spot and Stain Removal

Whether your flat came with a generic carpet, or you invested the big bucks on a fine animal fiber rug, at some point someone is going to spill a drink (or some soup, or have an accident. You get the picture). In addition, our beloved island’s luscious weather can make mud stains impossible to avoid.

Stains and damp spots on a carpet do much more than simply look bad: they create little pockets where mold can thrive. Often, they even hoard the smell of whatever was spilled, making it impossible to get rid of it!

On the other hand, an amateur localized stain removal job can leave a bleached or discolored section on your carpet. In this case, you may as well have replaced the entire thing! A cleaning job handled by professionals will, therefore, save you thousands of dollars in major renewals: we can get rid of the stain without damaging the carpet or leaving a trace.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Your pets may be as much a part of your family as your children, but unfortunately, they have a way of making themselves known in any home’s scent. If your floors are carpeted, then not even the strongest tile cleaner will be able to completely erase the evidence of Fido’s potty training period.

Far be it from us to recommend banishing a pet to the backyard. If you are half the committed pet parent we are, we know you will be eager to negotiate a solution.

Our pet-oriented service can provide any home around Kailua with a fresh-scented start for its carpets and upholstery. We can clean up the stain and eliminate any leftover odors. We can also help you repair and upkeep any scratched sections.

Do remember to ask for our special potty training treatments. Did you know that urine marking is a territorial behavior? This does not mean, however, that it’s an unfixable one. The right spray treatment may be all you need to let Mr. Territorial Dog that he needn’t bother asserting his property.

Are you thinking of relocating or moving? Then don’t let past pets get in the way of a prospective buyer’s happiness. Anything you invest in a professional deep carpet cleaning now will come back to you once it’s time to close the sale.

Upholstery Cleaning

When mentally checking what needs to be done around the house, most of us tend to classify carpets and furniture on different sections. This can be tricky – after all, most upholstery is made from the same materials as carpets and rugs, and therefore, it can be cleaned using largely the same methods.

Naturally, you shouldn’t just let anyone mess with your antique furniture or risk any amateur from breaking your favorite Lazy Boy. Carpet Cleaning Kailua offers a special line of services and tools meant to deep-clean and renew your upholstery without risking the valuable furniture beneath.

When contacting us, make sure you as about our upholstery cleaning, coloring, freshening, and deep vacuuming services. There is vast room for improvement!

Area Rug Cleaning

Washing and cleaning a small rug or tapestry is very different from disinfecting an entire room covered by a rug.

A thick, comfy rug is often the default floor finish offered at new condos and even recently-remodeled homes. For all the advantages it offers on a new construction, area rugs can become problematic if not properly taken care of.

Dust, spores, and even pollen particles can often accumulate in the far corners of your living room or office. After a while, the sniffling and the scent will compete to see which one drives you crazy the quickest!

If you need a team that combines both the muscle and the delicate touch to address both tasks at the same time, then call Carpet Cleaning Kailua.

Steam Cleaning Services

Furniture, carpets, rugs, and curtains alike can rarely be dumped into the washing machine. Even if you were to source an industrial-sized machine, the small fibers or velvety finishes are bound to get ruined if submerged in water – not to mention that there is a good chance that the washing machine’s filter won’t like it.

Carpets and curtains do need to be washed every once in a while – scrubbing with a sponge and some baking soda just won’t do it. Steam offers a great alternative for large surfaces and delicate materials alike: the high temperatures will disinfect deeply, remove any trapped pollen or allergens, while at the same time preserving the texture and color of your fabrics.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Inviting a team of contractors into your home is always an act of trust. At Carpet Cleaning Kailua, we are very aware of all the tacit responsibilities involved.

This is the sort of job where powerful vacuums will be moving around your heirlooms, decor accents, and your children’s toys.

Our residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services are designed to cause the least possible amount of stress for you and your family. We will take extra care not to break any items around and will treat every corner of the home with the discretion it deserves.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Hawaii business owners and office managers operating around Kailua are right to see carpet cleaning as an investment. Clean carpets and curtains improve an office’s air quality and provide a more welcoming environment for clients and employees alike.

However, few in this competitive age can afford to simply shut down for a week while someone tears down and replaces all carpets. This is why we believe that Business Clients deserve an extra layer of efficiency.

Our certified and quick crew will ensure all carpets are cleaned after hours, as quickly as possible. The goal is to ensure you can go back to making money right away, with none of the liabilities created by amateurs.

Why Should You Recruit Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Aged or damaged carpet fibers and upholstery fabrics are insidious: save an abrupt incident involving wine, most of the time the damage will creep up on a home. Its fresh and manicured appeal will quickly be eaten away by the dust, dander, and discolored sections all around your floors and corners.

Well-maintained carpets and freshly cleaned furniture can achieve a lot with just 24 hours of hard work. Here is everything you can improve with a deep steam cleaning of every carpet, curtain, and sofa in your house:

  • They will help you curb any symptoms of allergies or asthma
  • They will remove years of hidden scents
  • They will protect the original colors and vibrancy of your decor
  • They will sharply increase your home’s coziness and commercial appeal
  • Ever had snacks while on the couch? Crumbs, food traces, and even sweat can not only hide beneath the cushions but also seep into the foam. This creates the kind of environment that bed bugs love, and the dreaded “grandma’s couch” stale smell.

Growing up, many of us were fond of the “do it yourself” philosophy. There are few things that can’t be cleaned with the right amount of baking soda, lime juice, and air freshener. But is this the ideal way to do it?

Amateur cleaning can harm or bleach entire sections of your carpet, which can be very expensive to replace. Standard home cleaning may get rid of the immediate stain, but it will not kill all the bacteria. Unprofessional crews are often sloppy, and in their eagerness to finish a day’s work, they may not cover all the corners, or even break something expensive or sentimentally valuable.

Call Carpet Cleaning Kailua instead. We are a professional and pleasant team that has been handling professional carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and steam treatments for over 5 years. This is our one job, so we do it damn well!

Feel free to check out our Yelp reviews and the rave testimonials by our past customers. We are very proud of the reputation we have built. Call us and see everything that like-new carpets and curtains can do for your Kailua home.

Why Us? What Makes Carpet Cleaning Kailua The Best?

We could go on and on telling you about our history, work ethics, and dedication to customer satisfaction. While those are all important parts of our business model, we are willing to bet that it’s not what you need to know.

Shopping around is a necessary part of life, especially when hiring an altogether new service or trying out a new contractor. By choosing to research us before you call, you are showing you are a responsible, savvy Oahu homeowner. So let us be frank with the benefits we can bring to your table:

Prompt Service

We keep our appointments. If you call us and we agree to perform a site visit on Monday at 8, then that is exactly what you will get. Emergencies happen, but we feel like the good old-school value of punctuality needs to be celebrated.

Respect for Your Belongings and Your Space

It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate client handing over your upholstery or a busy homemaker who needs to get rid of years’ worth of toddler play on the living room. When you call us, you are inviting us into your space and entrusting your valuables on us. Our crew has been drilled on how to deal with this responsibility.

A Thorough Cleaning Job

We are professional carpet cleaners. There are many up and coming companies who offer “carpet and upholstery services” but whose real gig is to install new carpets. Many of these companies just add some heat to a normal vacuum machine, and when the stains don’t go away (or the mold creeps back up)… well, then – time for a completely new job.

Our goal is to ensure you won’t have to. This is why we will go over every corner and offer you every technique available in our books.

Our Signature Behind Our Work

Such a promise of quality would mean little if we weren’t willing to stand behind our jobs. If for any reason you discover we missed a spot, or your rugs are still showing stains or odd odors, call us back. It’s not just our reputation that will be on the line.

Safety and Assurance

The powerful steam machines we use are not exactly available at any department store. Every member of our team has been trained on the proper tactics to transport them without making a mess, installing them neatly and operating them safely. And since no training or safety checklist can ever be truly perfect, we also have thorough insurance policies to cover any unforeseeable mishaps.

Why Should You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning certainly includes a lot of traditional scrubbing, but it also goes way beyond it. Learn more about everything we can do for you.

Carpet Stain Removals

Wine, chocolate, or even a bad stomach flu can all leave a near-permanent mark on your rugs and carpets. We have a wide array of chemicals and cleaning products that will remove pervasive stains without damaging the fabric behind. Our goal is to leave everything looking as if nothing ever happened!

Odor Removal

Pets, toddlers, humidity, and general use can all change a home’s scent – but where does that odor actually come from? Many times, it’s produced by the hidden bacteria, mold, and pollen that is living deep in your carpet’s natural fibers. This is why these scents come back quickly even after spraying air freshener all over! A thorough heat or steam-based disinfection can return the fresh feel to any room.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dander, sweat, and food can leave your upholstery stained and contaminate the foam or padding beneath. This is not something that can just be wiped out. Our deep cleaning methods can make your couches, ottomans, and sofas looking much like when you first bought them – minus the plastic cover!

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